Thursday, August 5, 2010

Season Two To Come

Season Two to ComeHello podcast people. I’m still here! Apologies once again for the lack of updates and/or episodes. Since I last stopped in here, I’ve been in Las Vegas for a couple of months helping to cover the World Series of Poker for PokerNews. I also took a trip south to Lima, Peru to help cover the LAPT event there for the PokerStars blog.

Back home now, though, and have begun again to think about producing some new episodes of the Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show. Am thinking of calling these new shows “Season Two,” once I do get going with them again.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of items I wanted to share.

Back in June I appeared as a guest on the Gambling Tales Podcast (episode 17) where I talked with the fellas about some of my experiences covering the WSOP. Click here to get to that episode. I ended up listening back to this at some point afterwards and it came out okay, I think -- kind of an interesting conversation about a number of different WSOP-related items.

Also, the most recent issue of The World Poker Tour Magazine included an article by Matt Waldron in which he listed the “Top 10 Poker Podcasts.” He made some good choices -- indeed, I like all ten of these that he has listed. Click on the image below and you’ll get to a larger, readable version of the article.

Of course, even without clicking for the bigger view you can probably see why I’ve mentioned the article here -- Waldron also included the Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show as a recommended “niche nugget,” saying some nice things there in his description, too. Thanks, Matt!

If you happen to have found this site and the show via that article, know that all 20 episodes are still available for download. You can also hunt around here on the blog for detailed descriptions of each show.

And as always, any feedback -- including suggestions about future shows -- is welcome! Be back before too long with Season Two!

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