Sunday, January 24, 2010

Update, a Review, and Another Podcast

Hey all. Wanted to touch base and let you know that another episode of the show is in the works and should be coming before too long. Sorry about the gap between episodes, but it has been a busy time over the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of items to keep you occupied. First, TripJax has written a nice review of the show over on his blog -- check it out here. Much appreciated, friend!

Gambling Tales PodcastFinally, those of you who enjoy The Hard-Boiled Poker Radio Show should check out another new poker podcast, the Gambling Tales Podcast, hosted by Special K and Falstaff. They started GTP a couple of months ago and have already created six very entertaining episodes thus far. All shows feature an interview segment, as well as various stories from gambling history.

If you want to read more about it, I wrote a post over on my primary blog a while back that gives some more details, titled “The Gambling Tales Podcast Rocks.”

The shows are very well produced and make for fun listening. I may actually be appearing on some of the GTP shows in the near future to talk about poker books -- keep an eye on the Gambling Tales Podcast website for information regarding the shows. So, while yr waiting around for Shamus to get off his keyster and make a new episode of the HBPRS, go check out and enjoy the Gambling Tales Podcast, why dontcha?

Talk to you soon!


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