Sunday, August 30, 2009

Episode 18: Gun Shy Gambler

Show notes for Episode 18:

  • “Counting Beans” by John Fox, an excerpt from his book Play Poker, Quit Work and Sleep Till Noon! (1977)

    'Play Poker, Quit Work and Sleep Till Noon!' by John Fox (1977)I read a short selection from the entertaining and informative strategy text by John Fox, a book that preceded both Doyle Brunson’s Super/System and Mike Caro’s Book of Tells. Click here to read my Hard-Boiled Poker post in which I discuss the book further.

    In the excerpt, Fox tells a story of how he devised a system for keeping track of statistical data at the poker table -- and how all of his careful planning was nearly spoiled in dramatic, humorous fashion.

  • “Gun Shy Gambler,” The Lone Ranger, November 15, 1944

    Brace Beamer as the Lone RangerStarring Brace Beamer (The Lone Ranger) and John Todd (Tonto). Directed by Charles D. Livingstone.

    Here is the Wikipedia entry on the Lone Ranger, which includes the story of the long-running radio show. Sites with many of the episodes are available all over the web -- here is one with nearly 1,000 episodes of the show.



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