Saturday, July 25, 2009

Episode 17: Jack of Clubs

Show notes for Episode 17:

  • “Turn the Cards Slowly” by Patsy Cline; written by Sammy Masters (1955)

    Patsy ClineTurn the cards slowly while you’re dealin’, darlin’.
    Please don’t double-deal to win my heart.
    Turn the cards slowly while you're dealin’, darlin’.
    Don’t go breakin’ rules right from the start.

    The ramblin’ gamblin’ reckless way you treat my heart’s a sin.
    Each night down on my knees I pray your gamblin’ ways will end.
    Turn the cards slowly while you’re dealin’, darlin’.
    And if you stack the deck, then I’ll move on.

  • “House of Cards Worth $220,000” by Pat Putnam, from Sports Illustrated, May 31, 1976 issue

    I read excerpts from an article about the 1976 World Series of Poker Main Event. You can access the full article online in the Sports Illustrated “vault” -- an archive of all SI articles -- by clicking here.

  • “Jack of Clubs,” Pat Novak, for Hire, February 20, 1949.

    Jack WebbStarring Jack Webb (Pat Novak), Raymond Burr (Police Inspector Hellman), Tudor Owen (Jocko Madigan), Betty Lou Gierson, Victor Perrin, Ted de Corsia, and Herb Butterfield. Music by Basil Adlam. Produced and directed by William Rousseau. Announced by George Fenneman.



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