Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Update

Coming AttractionsHard-Boiled Poker Radio Show listeners! I wanted to send along a brief update here before I leave for Las Vegas (tomorrow!), where I’ll be helping PokerNews cover the World Series of Poker for the second straight summer.

First, I wanted to let you know that I have recorded Episode 16 and plan to post it here in the next week or so, after I am settled in LV. Probably won’t be able to do another show until I return home in July, but I may try to gather some additional content while at the WSOP to include in future HBPRS episodes.

Second, I have been using Feedburner for distributing the podcast, and have encountered a minor snafu here lately. Earlier this year, Feedburner merged with Google, and so those of us with Feedburner accounts were asked to allow them to move our accounts over, then get Google accounts so we could access our Feedburner stuff. I already had a Google account, of course, so that wasn’t such a problem. However, it appears that the merger might have affected how things work with iTunes.

I’m noticing that since I went ahead and moved over to Google, the recent episodes of the show are not appearing in iTunes (i.e., the last five shows, or all of those posted in 2009). I haven’t checked the other places where you can subscribe to the show, and so don’t know if there are any problems happening in those places, too. Rooting around on the ’net reveals that I’m not the only one experiencing this sort of difficulty with iTunes since the merger, and that it appears to be some difficulty that Feedburner/Google is probably going to have to resolve.

The show has a new RSS feed -- -- although the old feed is still working, too (apparently). There’s just some issue with iTunes at the moment as far as getting iTunes to recognize the new feed (?).

Like I say, I hope the momentary trouble gets worked out. (If it doesn’t, I may have to explore moving the podcast over to some other location than Feedburner.) If anybody has any techy advice for helping me resolve my Feedburner-Google-iTunes dilemma, feel free to send it along to shamus at hardboiledpoker dot com.

But right now, I need to go pack. Thanks for listening everyone, and I’ll be posting that Episode 16 here soon!


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