Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Episode 14: The Hot Hundred Grand Caper

Show notes for Episode 14:

  • Raymond Chandler & Poker

    Raymond ChandlerThe show begins with a brief explanation of an quote about poker often attributed to the great hard-boiled novelist, Raymond Chandler. The line comes from his 1953 novel The Long Goodbye, although often the exact words uttered by the narrator-protagonist, the detective Philip Marlowe, get transformed somewhat.

    I refer to a couple of posts over on Hard-Boiled Poker in the segment. The post “Raymond Chandler Said a Lot of Things” explains with a little more detail how Chandler has been misquoted. Another post, “Raymond Chandler & Poker,” collects a few references to poker from Chandler’s fiction and letters.

  • “The Hot Hundred Grand Caper,” The Adventures of Sam Spade (originally aired September 19, 1948)

    Howard Duff as Sam SpadeStarring Howard Duff (as Sam Spade, pictured). Also starring Lurene Tuttle and Sadie Thompson. Written by Bob Tollman and Gil Doud. Produced and directed by William Spier.

    Here is a detailed article about the radio series, written by Martin Grams. The article is an excerpt from Grams’ book The Radio Adventures of Sam Spade. And here’s a link to an archive with over 50 episodes of the show.


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