Friday, October 24, 2008

Episode 9: The Case of the Poker Murders

Show notes for Episode 9:

  • “Stud Poker,” Calling All Detectives (originally aired September 2, 1948)

    The 26 girlAnother mystery from the casebook of Jerry Browning, Private Detective. Starring Paul Barnes (who voices all of the parts).

    As I mention on the show, Calling All Detectives originally started out as an “interactive” program, with Barnes calling listeners to see if they could solve the mystery. I have (sort of) recreated the idea here, stopping the show with a couple of minutes remaining to give you a chance to try to solve the case. (Good luck.)

    And speaking of luck, click here to learn more about the dice game of “Chuck-A-Luck” that is played in the show.

  • “The Case of the Poker Murders,” Nick Carter, Master Detective (originally aired May 21, 1946)

    The stars performing 'Nick Carter, Master Detective'Starring Lon Clark (Nick Carter), Charlotte Manson (Patsy Bowen), and Ed Latimer (Sgt. Mathison). Script by Max Early. Music by George Wright. Produced and directed by Jock MacGregor.

    Here is the Wikipedia page describing the radio show. And here is a fairly detailed website that gives a historical overview of the Nick Carter character.


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