Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Episode 8: Aces and Eights

Show notes for Episode 8:

  • “Tales from the Tables” by Bob Woolley
    (a.k.a. Rakewell, the Poker Grump)

    William Hogarth's 'Characters and Caricaturas' (1743)The “Poker Grump” offers sketches of three characters he has encountered at the tables in the Vegas card rooms as well as while playing on the virtual felt.

    For more of Bob’s tales from the tables, check out his blog. In particular, take a look at this recent post in which Bob recounts a number of characters he encountered during an evening at the Hard Rock.

  • “Silver Dollars” by Billy Collins (1977)

    Wild Bill HickokAfter a bit of background regarding Wild Bill Hickok -- gleaned in part from Des Wilson’s book Ghosts at the Table (2008) & James McManus’ CardPlayer article titled “Aces and Eights” (8/21/2007 issue) -- I read a poem by Billy Collins that humorously revisits the story of Hickok’s demise.

    Collins’ poem originally appeared in his first collection of poems, titled Pokerface. It is also anthologized in John Stravinsky’s Read ’Em and Weep (2004).

  • “Aces and Eights,” Frontier Gentleman (originally aired April 20, 1958)

    John Dehner (J.B. Kendall)Written, produced, and directed by Antony Ellis. Starring John Dehner, John McIntyre, Jeanette Nolan, Jack Moyles, Larry Dobkin, Stacy Harris, and Vic Perrin.

    Here's the Wikipedia entry on the show, and here is a link to an archive of what I believe is all 41 episodes of the show.



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