Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Episode 3: Duffy’s Tavern

Show Notes for Episode 3:

2007 World Series of Poker Player of the Year Tom Schneider (author of Oops! I Won Too Much Money) starts the proceedings.

  • Excerpt from “Strip Poker,” Stop Messing About! (July 12, 1970)

    'Stop Messing About' aired on BBC Radio from 1969-70

  • Excerpt from “Jack’s Trip to Las Vegas,” The Jack Benny Program (May 23, 1954)

    Jack BennyStarring Jack Benny, Don Wilson, Bob Crosby, and Mel Blanc.

    Here is the Wikipedia entry on Jack Benny, and here is a link to about 600 other episodes of The Jack Benny Program. For more on the history of the Flamingo Hotel, click here.

  • “Playing Poker With Charles Coburn,” Duffy’s Tavern
    (originally aired May 4, 1949)

    Starring Ed Gardner (Archie), Charlie Cantor (Finnegan), Eddie Green (Eddie), and Hazel Shermet (Miss Duffy). Guest starring Charles Coburn.

    Here is a a terrific, comprehensive history of Duffy’s Tavern, and here are links to other episodes of the show.

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